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This Is Me — March 15, 2016

This Is Me

I am actually so fucking pissed off today , this blog is about me and all the ass holes that live in my town, that know fuck all, that treat me like shit (because I let them!)

When I am pregnant, I am happy, that is me at my best. Some people do not deserve to even spawn… When i am breastfeeding that’s a whole other story! Today, my homebirth love was tested.

Dont ever test that. If I am coming to you with love, however it comes and you say bad things to me, I will not forgive you (again) .I spend my life forgiving and forgetting for the people I love, the people around me.

To the person that “dissed me fam” as my daughter would say. Go fuck yourself, I say.

Let me tell you this fuckwits of my town, the only reason my man still lives here, and i can not get him out is because he has aspergers. He has a reason, a genuine reason to still be in this poxy town full of people that think their life revolves around everyone elses issues!! I personally have never gone in for “gossip”, that is probably why i do not fit in here… and probably why on some levels me and my aspie partner have been together so long, as he is just the same.

I am not like the usual suspects. I speak my mind, tell the truth. The last two days have shown me that people are just c==ts……

I would love to say i will never be nice again to someone that has hurt me, but I cant do that. I am nice, lovely, caring, compassionate, and lots of things that I dont get told alot by the auties in my house, so i have to remind myself.

Trouble is some believe that hiding from their “truth” is easier than facing their foibles.. I accept all of mine, own them and have tried to deal with every single one. I have been through every abuse going, had major therapy , that I had to deal with c==ts taking the piss out off, or bringing up in every random argument my “tv debut”, showing my “failing” I know i havent failed, thats why i try. i really wish i didnt some days as today for me, im broken a little bit more, and i am not sure how much more there is to break.

One thing i will say as a positive of living and learning through autism in my family, has made me thicker skinned than i used to be, things may temporarily break me, i may come across at times as uber sensitive, but i am a survivor in many senses of the word.

Today, well its been shit.

POSSESSED POTATO!!! — February 19, 2016



This isnt going to be all spooky shit, i promise but i have to start with the possessed potato….

Two days ago , my cool as shizzle 13 year old daughter asked me if i knew what the funny potato video was, now me, 37, 5 kids, man with autism kids with autism. I am not down with the times right now, but i said “yassss, of course i have seen it, show me again” .

She showed me, funny as fuck . She then proceeded to video herself throwing a potato through our bifolds whilst saying ” a potato flew around the room”. Well, i laughed as only i could, being all down with the teenagers.

I have toyed with having a blog for a while, some say im funny on fb (who fucking isn’t, my fb is full of “funny” people!) toyed about sharing my life, lots of people have told me over the years to write a book, er no, too much hassle, too scary? probably both!

Anyway, back to potatogate. Teenager goes off to bed, i sit down for a glass of wine and catching up with real knobheads of every country, or should that be county… i need a top up, off i head to the fridge.  We have an all singing , all dancing fridge, gives you ice , water everything. It never dances to my tune though, whenever i want ice it goes “fuck you bitch!” and just clogs up.

I return to my seat to find a potato on the settee, exactly where i was sat. Now i know i have a massive floppy arse (thanks child number 2) but i am pretty sure i would have known if i was sat on a potato.